Why Getting A Flu Shot in 2023 Makes For A Good New Year’s Resolution

A Flu Season Like No Other

It’s been a historically bad flu season that started two months early in most of the Northern Hemisphere, and Canadians have not been spared, with children bearing the brunt of the virus’ ferocious assault.

It hit hard and fast. Over the course of Canada’s on-going flu season, more than 1,500 paediatric influenza-associated hospitalizations have been reported, including 183 children ending up in intensive care. The severity of this tough flu season has been exacerbated by reports of pharmacies nationwide experiencing unprecedented shortage of adult and children cold and flu medication.

Why Influenza is Particularly Bad This Season

With the fast spread of COVID-19 since early 2020, many governments and municipalities implemented shutdown and masking mandates. Those measures, along with the general population’s self-implemented precautionary measures, have helped prevent transmission of respiratory illness in general. When those measures were lifted and people – the majority of which were not vaccinated against influenza – resumed intermingling, transmission of respiratory viruses escalated, affecting more people than pre-pandemic rates.
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How Is The Situation In The New Year?

Latest reports from Canada’s public health agency indicate that flu cases have declined sharply, with almost all indicators within expected levels typical of this time of year. That said, we’re not out of the woods yet. With COVID-19 and the RSV (respiratory syncytial virus) viruses also still circulating, taking precautions into your own hand is the only way to help prevent sickness.

How to Protect Yourself?

By now the Canadian public is well versed in ways to reduce the spread of COVID19, the common cold and the flu — and experts advise more of the same, especially when travelling. When it comes to what you can be doing on your part, the recommendations haven’t changed. Wearing a good mask (preferably medical-grade), social distancing especially when indoors and in crowded spaces, staying home when sick and washing your hands regularly are good practices everyone should be maintaining throughout the cold and flu season and the pandemic.
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Get a Flu Shot

It is clear that during this flu season it’s even more important to get both your

COVID-19 booster vaccine and a flu shot. Health officials are also on board, regularly telling Canadians that getting vaccinated is one of the most effective things you can do to protect your health at home and abroad. As a bonus, you may also check off one of the items from your new year’s resolutions this year.
Whether you’re staying put or planning a trip, if you’re in the Montreal area, you can easily and quickly book an appointment for your flu vaccination with Sanomed Travel Clinic online or by phone at 514-461-3388.