SanoMed Private Travel Health Clinic

Your West Island Travel Clinic

Personalized travel health services prepare you to travel safely and remain healthy while you’re abroad.

SanoMed will address all of your travel health needs and offer comprehensive consultations with the latest health information and required vaccines or booster shots for travel worldwide.

We will evaluate your immunizations, current medications, and overall health to assess your needs before you travel.

Our recommendations include:
  • Personalized consultation depending upon your destinations
  • Medication review services
  • Personalized vaccination and immunity assessment
  • Relevant dietary and safety suggestions
  • Education of specific health risks relevant to the traveller
  • Up-to-date travel information and advice for preventative care
SanoMed Travel Clinic is a designated Yellow Fever Vaccination Centre approved by the Public Health Agency of Canada.

Travel Consult & Advice

Personalized Consultation

Our specialized nurses are ready to help you prepare for your travels by offering comprehensive recommendations for your pre-trip inoculations that are based on your travel location, length of your stay, medical conditions and type of travel.

Travel health tips

Contaminated food or drinks can cause travelers’ diarrhea and other diseases and disrupt your travel.

Precautionary measures for dietary and recreational activities will be advised to avoid illness and injury abroad.

Travel Notices & Alerts

For all your need-to-know travel information such as entry and exit requirements, health alerts, disease outbreaks as well as additional travel insights. We also monitor COVID-19 risks in destinations around the world and make travel recommendations.

Enjoy Your Vacation Relax Worry Free

Travel Immunization

Vaccination before travel is imperative to ensure global public health and to help individuals stay healthy during and after their travels.


Some countries require proof of vaccinations before they’ll allow you to enter the country. Other vaccinations may not be required for international travel but may still be recommended in order for you to avoid contracting a disease or becoming ill.

At SanoMed, we offer a comprehensive array of vaccinations for travel throughout the world, including vaccinations for yellow fever, typhoid, turista and more. 

We will review your destination as well as your overall health so we can make recommendations based on pre-existing health conditions and other factors.

We also offer routine vaccinations and booster shots suggested for travel.

Travel Destinations

Consultations and recommendations are based on risk levels of destinations worldwide. SanoMed will provide a personalized plan of vaccinations, medications and other protective measures to keep you healthy during your travels, no matter where the destination.

Our nurses are knowledgeable about routine and recommended immunizations for safe travel in:

  • North America & Caribbean
  • Central & South America
  • Europe
  • Africa
  • Asia
  • Middle East
  • Oceania & Pacific Islands
  • Antarctica

Travel Services Offered

SanoMed travel clinic provides personalized travel health consultations. We will guide you to have a safe and pleasant trip with health tips and detailed vaccination records to keep with your travel documents.

Rapid Covid-19 testing for travel

PCR Test & Antigen Test for travellers and individuals are available. Find out more here.

Covid-19 tests are a private testing service, therefore they are not covered by RAMQ.

Access To Quick Appointments

Appointments are easily set and should be scheduled 6-8 weeks prior to your travel date.

Last minute appointments may be scheduled in the case of emergency travel.

First Aid Kit

Medical care may not be readily available when traveling. Our knowledgeable travel nurses can help you build a first aid kit for your travels. They can suggest antibiotics for traveler’s diarrhea, antimalarials, and medications for high altitude.

Management & Treatment of Travel Related Illnesses

Travel to certain exotic destinations can result in exposure to potentially serious infections and diseases. If you were seriously ill abroad, developed a fever or other travel-related symptoms after your return, a post-travel evaluation is warranted with your primary care physician.


Pre-travel health consultations and vaccines are not services covered by the Régie de l’Assurance-maladie du Québec (RAMQ). However, you can contact your private health insurance provider using the vaccine DIN number in order to confirm whether the cost is covered by your particular health insurance plan.

Some vaccines require several weeks to become effective. Ideally, vaccines should be administered 6-8 weeks prior to your travel to be fully protected. To ensure your vaccinations are provided at the optimal time, you should call to schedule a pre-travel consultation as soon as you have confirmed your travel dates. We will always do our best to accommodate last minute travelers as well.

Bring your immunisation booklet, list of your medications and your complete travel itinerary.
If you do not have an International Certificate of Vaccination (ICV), one will be filled out properly and given to you at your appointment.

Some countries require proof of vaccinations before they’ll allow you to enter the country. Other vaccinations may not be required for travel, but they may still be recommended in order for you to avoid contracting a disease and becoming ill. Every itinerary is different, which is why we customize our consultations based on the countries you will be traveling to or through.

Yes, children also need travel vaccines. Common immunizations include: typhoid, yellow fever, Japanese encephalitis and rabies. Bring your child’s immunization record to your appointment and one of our specialists will review it at the time of your consultation. Children under the age of 18 must have a parent or legal guardian present.

Yes. Provided there are no contraindications, you will receive your vaccines on-site. You will also receive travel prescriptions as needed.

Yes. We offer PCR swab tests for travellers, Covid antibodies blood tests and combo PCR swab tests and antibodies blood tests valid for international travel. All Covid antibodies blood tests require a referral from a physician.