West Island Travel Clinic Fees

Consultation Fees

Our travel specialists will give you tailored recommendations for your upcoming trip based on your destinations, pre-existing conditions as well as your immunization status. During your consultation, we will answer any questions you may have about your trip abroad including vaccinations, malaria prevention, and any other precautions necessary for your specific destination.
Travel Clinic Consultation: Individual $69.00
Travel Clinic Consultation: Couple $99.00
Travel Clinic Consultation: Family of 4 $149.00
Travel Clinic Consultation: Additional Member $20.00

Please note fees do not include the cost of vaccines. Please contact us for prices.

Vaccination Price List

Be prepared and protected while travelling abroad. We will help you understand your options and tailor a plan to your needs. You’ll know exactly what it will cost to protect yourself and your family when you travel.

For vaccination prices, please call the clinic.

TB testing + Reading (DIN-00317268)
Hepatitis-A Adult (Havrix 1440 DIN-02187078)
Dukoral - 2 doses (DIN 02247208)
Hepatitis-A Junior (Havrix DIN-02231056)
Ixiaro (DIN 02333279)
Typhim (DIN 02130955)
Imovax-Polio (DIN 01959042)
Hepatitis-B Engerix-B 20 (DIN-02487020)
Hepatitis-B Engerix-B 10 (DIN-02487039)
Hepatitis A & B Adult (Twinrix) (DIN-02230578)
Prevnar 13 (DIN-02335204)
Hepatitis A & B Junior (Twinrix) (DIN-02237548)
Varivax 3 (DIN 02246081)
Bexsero (DIN-02417030)
Gardasil 9 (DIN-02437058)
Menveo (DIN-02347393)
Shingrix (DIN-2468425)
Dukoral - 1 dose (DIN 02247208)
Imovax-Rage (DIN 01908286) / RabAvert (DIN 02267667)
YF-Vax (DIN 00428833)
Vivaxim (DIN 02248361)
Mmr II (DIN-00466085)/PRIORIX (DIN-02239208)
Boostrix (DIN-02247600) /ADACEL (DIN 02240255)

Please note vaccine prices and doses may be subject to change without notice. Please contact us for prices.