Our Team

Dr. Nguyen is a highly experienced and dedicated family physician

After completing medical school at University of Montreal, Dr. Nguyen has worked in the East end of Montreal for over 20 years caring for a multicultural patient population, suffering from multiple pathologies, both physical and psychological, against the backdrop of socio-economic problems.

She would like to expand her knowledge to develop expertise in the treatment of obesity in order to prevent the multiple associated chronic diseases.

Dr. Mary Spiridigliozzi graduated from McGill University in 1988 and completed her family medicine program at Montreal General Hospital in 1990.

In 2013, she joined SanoMed Solutions, where she continues to provide meticulous care to her patients and emphasizes the importance of maintaining overall health and well-being.

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Brittany Bellefeuille, RN

Brittany graduated as a Licensed Practical Nurse from the West Island Career Center in 2012 and then as a Registered Nurse from John Abbott College in 2015. She has experience in the ICU, geriatrics, pediatrics, and immunizations. She worked in Pediatrics specializing in general pediatrics, various specialties, and vaccines for 7 years as well as becoming charge nurse of 2 multi-disciplinary clinics. She decided to follow her love of travel and use her expertise by switching to travel medicine in 2021.

When she’s not working or researching, she’s either planning her next trip or reading while snuggled up to her 2 dachshunds.

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Sheila Inzlicht, RN

Sheila Inzlicht is a dedicated and compassionate Registered Nurse who graduated from the Intensive Nursing Program at John Abbott College. She began her career at the Lakeshore General Hospital in the Surgery department before moving on to work at the Brunswick Medical Centre. She then moved on as Interim Head Nurse and Assistant Head Nurse at a CHSLD in the West Island.

Sheila has a strong sense of customer service and is always proud to serve her community. She has now returned to the Brunswick Medical Centre, and we are proud to have her at SanoMed as a valuable member of our team.

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Sara Alviz

Sara received her nursing education from John Abbott College and continued to pursue her Bachelor of Nursing degree from McGill University in 2023. She started her nursing career at the Jewish General Hospital as a postpartum nurse, where she learned how to foster a collaborative environment for patients and their families. After three years, she decided to make a transition to family medicine with her strong dedication to provide patient education and to deliver high-quality care.

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Samiha Younes

Samiha Younes is a dedicated Registered Dietitian committed to promoting health and wellness through personalized nutrition solutions with a Bachelor’s degree in Dietetics from McGill University. Throughout her professional journey, Samiha has garnered extensive experience in various clinical settings, specializing in chronic disease management such as diabetes and obesity. As a member of the Ordre des diététistes-nutritionnistes du Québec (ODNQ), Samiha takes a holistic approach to nutrition counseling, nurturing a positive relationship with food and empowering her clients to make informed choices aligned with their unique needs and preferences.

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