SanoMed Private Clinic Services & Memberships

Optimizing your health is our mission by providing you with individual, preventative, and compassionate medical care tailored to your needs.

SanoMed Solutions’ private clinic offers members access to an array of medical services – from rapid access medical care to specialist referrals. We provide a thorough assessment of your health and wellness, craft a treatment plan and guide you on your health journey.

A Complete Health Assessment

Head-to-toe assessments provide a comprehensive overview of a patient’s general health and are imperative in diagnosing and preventing illnesses before they develop. Health assessments are performed upon initial admission to our private clinic and yearly thereafter.

The hour-long initial checkup with our doctor will be focused and unrushed. Patients will receive comprehensive written results and a series of follow-up steps, as appropriate. A complete health assessment can be broken down as such:

Physical Examination

Non-invasive review of your body systems such as vitals, general appearance, heart and lung function and more. Looking, listening and feeling for any abnormalities.

Health History

Medical and family history discussing medical conditions, past and current diseases, allergies, lifestyle behaviors, symptoms and medication use.

Vaccination Review

Review of immunization status as well as recommendations for wellbeing, preventive care or travel vaccinations.

Testing Services & Follow-ups

Dependable results lead to accurate diagnoses. SanoMed offers a variety of personal testing services included in its memberships. Comprehensive support is also provided to closely monitor your progress to obtain the best possible care and outcome.

Private Laboratory Services

On-site private testing services are available in our state-of-the-art laboratories. Precise and accurate results will be delivered in a timely manner and thoroughly explained by your healthcare provider.

Healthcare Screenings

Based on a number of components including family history, age, and other risk factors, specialized screening may be recommended. These tests may evaluate high cholesterol, hormone imbalance, STDs, asthma, allergies, high blood sugar and other acute or chronic illnesses.

Personalized Review & Follow-ups

Diagnostic follow-ups and test reviews contribute to every stage of care. Your physician can schedule appointments with specialists or order additional testing should that be the treatment recommended.

Appointment Coordination & Scheduling

SanoMed’s team of clinical logistics coordinators manage scheduling, coordination, and follow-up visits to ensure your appointments are scheduled and organized efficiently.

Referrals to Specialists

Should you require extensive diagnostic testing, a minor surgical procedure, or the expertise of a leading specialist, SanoMed can provide access to specialists and secure appointments quickly.

Referrals are provided to optimize your health and wellness with both on-site or off-site specialists who are the most qualified to treat your specific condition or need.

RAMQ Service Specialists

Our physicians work to provide the best long-term and follow-up care for their patients. Referrals can be given to access RAMQ public system specialists as needed. These visits may be covered by the public system for Quebec residents.

Diagnostic Testing Requisitions

SanoMed can refer patients to have additional comprehensive diagnostic testing such as advanced imaging, radiology and MRI, nuclear medicine and PET-CT scans, or arrange a consultation with a specialist for a deeper understanding of a diagnosis.

Ongoing Physician Access & Supplemental Services

Ongoing health care management provides peace of mind knowing the accessibility to physician care and diagnostic testing is a phone call away.

Physician Availability

Expedited access to appointments can provide clinical guidance fast. Additional visits for new concerns or minor ailments can be scheduled anytime.

Additional Testing

Supplementary tests and evaluations can be added as needed and may be recommended by your doctor or done electively. Certain additional tests may not be included in the base price of memberships.

Membership Programs

We take a proactive approach to keeping your health in check and aim to provide a personalized level of service. SanoMed Solutions’ private medical clinic operates on the basis of yearly memberships*.

Private Health Memberships Inclusions

  • Complete and comprehensive physical examination with general practitioner
  • Personalized health screening
  • Medical history and immunization review
  • Private laboratory testing
  • Disease and cancer screening
  • Cardiovascular prevention program and risk assessment
  • Fitness test on treadmill (optional)
  • Nutrition and lifestyle consultation
  • Future actions or individualized treatment plan
  • Doctor to pharmacy prescription renewals
  • Follow-up visit and test result assessment with the physician
  • Comprehensive feedback booklet
  • Additional scheduled consults throughout the year

À La Carte Services

  • Fitness assessment
  • Resting EKG test
  • Nutritionist consultation
  • Podiatry evaluation and treatment
  • Physiotherapy : Musculoskeletal evaluation
  • Forms
  • And more
*Memberships are for a 12 month duration. The membership becomes effective on the date of activation and terminates one year thereafter. The date of activation is either the date of first payment or the date of first appointment whichever comes first. This membership is not transferable. If for any reason this program does not become effective, the deposit is forfeited. Services unused at the end of the 12 month membership expire and cannot be transferred to a new membership or with a membership renewal.