Preventive Medicine: What Is It?

The Antidote to Getting Sick

We all want to protect our health, yet our busy lives, overbooked agendas and sometimes questionable habits distract us from healthy living until something goes wrong: we get injured or fall ill.

Unfortunately, that’s when most people consult a doctor; when the illness or condition is already underway.

But what if we could avoid getting sick in the first place?

What Does Preventive Medicine Mean?

Preventive medicine is a medical practice designed to avert disease before a condition or illness develops. In preventive medicine, medical experts are not looking to treat or manage illness. Rather, their focus is on protecting, promoting and maintaining their patients’ health and well-being.

Rather Than Treating Symptoms, Let’s Prevent Disease Instead

That’s what preventive medicine is all about. Its purpose is to prevent sickness before it ever happens.

Many common chronic illnesses such as heart disease, stroke, cancer, type 2 diabetes and osteoporosis are on the rise when they can be prevented. Some doctors and medical practitioners are no longer pleased with simply treating or managing these chronic diseases for their patients. Instead, they are looking to prevent these health issues from developing, before there is ever a need to treat the symptoms.

Why Is Preventive Medicine Important?

Our level of energy, strength and good health will usually determine the level of contentment we have in our lives. If we are protected from illnesses, we will generally have more time and energy to devote to the things that matter to us.

However, once you are seeking treatment for a disease, you are no longer in good health. Prevention is therefore key to a healthy, fit life.

You Take Your Dog to Regular Vet Visits, Right?

Annual medical and health evaluations can identify and address health issues and help avoid serious illness or even death. Yet, most people only visit their doctor when they are feeling sick.

However, the objective of preventive medicine is to keep healthy people healthy and to catch any underlying health issue as early as possible.

Individually tailored preventative measures will help you live a healthier life by:

  1. Identifying and addressing potential health risks (according to genetic predisposition, family history or individual lifestyle)
  2. Detecting a developing illness early (for the best possible chance of a cure)
  3. Preventing the progression of an existing disease (to avoid complications and subsequent damage)

A Proactive Approach to Patient Care

Screening and detection are critical aspects of preventing illness. However, so are healthy habits such as eating well and exercising.

To stay healthy, avoid illness or minimize the effects of an existing disease, preventive medicine practitioners may counsel their patients on how to correct habits that are not conducive to good health or coach them on how to make the necessary lifestyle changes to avoid developing chronic and long-lasting conditions.

Preventative health checks usually include:

  • An in depth analysis of individual and family medical history
  • A lifestyle assessment
  • Disease and cancer screenings
  • Cardiovascular risk assessment
  • Vaccination review

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