A New Doctor Joins Our Team! Welcome Dr Thi Ngoc Lan Nguyen

Our clinic is growing and we are happy to welcome a new member to our team!

Dr Thi Ngoc Lan Nguyen has recently joined the SanoMed Solutions medical team and we are so pleased to collaborate with a medical professional who shares our vision to offer personalised, service-focused and compassionate care. 

Pursuing Excellence and Innovation in Family Medicine

Dr Nguyen is a highly respected family medicine expert who has acquired extensive experience in the East end of Montreal for over 20 years. 

Renowned for delivering a higher standard of care, Dr Nguyen has treated a multicultural patient population, suffering from multiple pathologies, both physical and psychological, in diversified environments including CLSC, walk-in clinics, patient home visits, family medicine groups and Hospital care. 

Dr Nguyen’s medical expertise in diagnosing and treating a wide range of common and complex medical conditions has been built against the backdrop of socio-economic problems often encountered by the Montreal-East patient population. 

Dr Thi Ngoc Lan Nguyen speaks French, English and Vietnamese.

Committed to Preventative Care

Dr Thi Ngoc Lan Nguyen has a genuine passion for providing healthcare to individuals and families. 

After treating chronic diseases for more than 20 years, she now intends to devote her time and expertise toward preventing disease from developing in the first place. 

This is why she has chosen to work with the SanoMed Solutions team, a group of medical experts who are devoted to detecting and identifying health problems or medical concerns as early as possible to treat them effectively and proactively.

Medical Treatment for Obesity

As a part of her dedication to preventing illness, Dr Thi Ngoc Lan Nguyen plans to develop expertise in the treatment of obesity. 

Obesity-related health problems, such as high blood pressure, heart disease or type 2 diabetes can be prevented. However, certain patients may need to see a healthcare provider for help in losing weight. 

Dr Nguyen aims to support her patients in their weight loss journey in order to improve her patients’ current and long term health and create opportunities for early diagnosis, all the while reducing her patients’ risk of developing the multiple chronic diseases associated with obesity.

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