Occupational Health

Pre- and post-hire examinations

A unique protocol tailored to your needs

Our objective is to provide compassionate care and personalized services to all of our clients.

The examinations conducted by our multidisciplinary team follow an individualized protocol that conforms perfectly to the procedures and quality standards of the profession. An adapted protocol allows you to detect medical concerns that could potentially put your employees’ health and security at risk.

When you hire an employee, we conduct a pre-hire examination perfectly tailored to the specifics and risks inherent to the position and the workplace.

Our team can also elaborate a post-hire examination for the corporations and work environments that could benefit from such services. Consisting of a doctor and nurse(s) or a paramedical member, our multidisciplinary team performs the necessary examinations in our clinic according to the norms established with your company.

We can also administer vaccinations, if necessary.

 SanoMed Solutions has set the bar for what you should come to expect from private healthcare. I was blown away by the cordial welcome and the attentive service I received. Making an investment in my health was the best decision I made and there is no one that does it better than SanoMed.

Paul V.

Your partner in supporting the health of your employees.

Periodic examinations

Occupational health involves the regular and effective monitoring of your staff.

A periodic follow-up of your staff can prevent medical problems and dispense first-rate individualized treatment to the employees who need it.

According to the mandate, we can assist you in putting in place tailored measures to limit workplace accidents and sick leave, reduce turnover rate, as well as decrease the cost of CNESST and group insurance, hiring, training and replacement of staff.

We can also assist you in the event of an accident or a prolonged employee leave to ensure and facilitate a successful return to work.



Optional exams

Exams tailored to the needs of your company

SanoMed Solutions offers you a wide selection of personalized medical tests and exams according to each person’s health condition. Here are some of the most common optional tests:

Diagnostic tests

  • Laboratory tests
  • Stress test on treadmill
  • Electrocardiogram at rest (EKG)
  • Radiology services
  • Echocardiogram

Stress management

  • Individual consultations
  • Semimars

Health and wellness

  • Physiotherapy evaluation
  • Nutritional evaluation with dietician
  • Ergonomic assessment

Thanks to our team, all these tests are available to employees at the request of the employer.