Québec Health Care System Facts

If you live in Québec, you need to have health insurance coverage, either public or private, to receive emergency and preventive medical attention and prescription medication.

Whether you’re a Québec permanent resident or just living here temporarily to study or for a work assignment, here are some useful facts to know about the Quebec health care system.

The Québec Health Care System

Health care in Québec is provided through a public health insurance plan administered by the government of Québec and is governed by the Health Insurance Act.

The Québec Health Care System is a universal, comprehensive, and integrated system which provides medical care and hospitalization coverage to all residents of Québec, regardless of their income or employment status.

Moreover, Québec’s health care system provides access to essential medical services based on need. It covers most of the cost of prescription drugs, dental care, and eye care. 

The Department of Health and Social Services is responsible for administering the health care system in Québec. It also promotes healthy living through public awareness campaigns, research, and surveillance programs to identify emerging health issues. 

There are two types of health care providers in Québec: private and public.

Public Health Insurance in Québec

The RAMQ (Régie de l’assurance maladie du Québec) is the crown corporation that administers the public health insurance plan on behalf of the government; it offers both an indemnity program and a drug reimbursement program.

Everyone who is eligible for the Quebec Health Insurance Plan is expected to register under the plan. They also should register their dependents (for example, their children).

Additionally, the RAMQ also regulates private health insurance plans, which can be purchased by individuals or employers but must conform to specific standards set by the government.

Private Health Insurance in Québec

Private health insurance refers to any health insurance policy purchased by a person or an employer from a private insurance company instead of a provincial or federal government.

Where RAMQ provides basic coverage, private insurance helps reimburse other services. With a private health insurance plan, you could get coverage for:

  • Dental care
  • Vision care
  • Psychologist sessions
  • Alternative medicine
  • Plastic surgery
  • Podiatry
  • Bandages, splints or other medical equipment etc.


Getting a private health insurance plan could eliminate your having to pay for surprise medical expenses when you are least able to deal with them.

People with access to more than one private plan (through their employer, spouse’s employer or a professional association) may choose the plan they consider the most advantageous.

Where to find quality private health services in Montreal, Québec

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