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Preventive medicine at work


Executive health assessment
Because it’s always preferable to take the lead when it comes to your health, SanoMed Solutions provides you with a full range of employee health services to reduce the risks of medical problems and better manage the health concerns of your employees. Our courteous, professional, and personalized approach allows us to adapt perfectly to the needs of your company and your employees.

At SanoMed Solutions, our comprehensive assessments allow your employees and executives to take stock of their health quickly and efficiently. Always useful, they reassure you when your health condition is good and help detect medical concerns so that they can be treated as early as possible.

 We have been patients at SanoMed Solutions for more than 6 years. When specialized care is required, staff will coordinate to ensure a smooth process and timely follow-up. We highly recommend SanoMed Solutions for anyone who wants to be treated by competent and compassionate professionals, who make you feel like you are the most important person.

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Health assessment


Each health assessment is personalized according to the medical histories of your employees. This approach allows us to administer an individualized treatment to employees suffering from a condition and to indicate to healthy employees what conditions they could suffer from in the future in order to establish prevention strategies with them that are compatible with their lifestyles. If you wish, we can also establish a regular follow-up with your employees throughout the year by our general practitioners.

Managing the health of your employees requires more than just medical skills which is why we have chosen to offer you personalized health services and to privilege a caring and thoughtful approach. Our multidisciplinary team is also recognized for their patient support and provides the necessary follow-up based on the advice given by the doctor