Corporate services

Medical services on your premises


A service perfectly tailored to your business

Whatever the size of your company and your field of business, we develop a customized program with medical staff in the workplace that’s perfectly tailored to the specifics of your profession and the positions held by your employees. The flexible nature of our programs allows us to modify them based on the evolution of your needs and guarantee perfectly suitable medical support even when your company undergoes major changes.


We can also set up vaccination clinics for the employees at your company.

 “I had the worst sore throat of my life and could no longer withstand the pain. I contacted SanoMed Solutions and I was given an appointment that same day. From the warm welcome of the Clinic Manager, to the professional assistance of both Nurse and Doctor, everyone at SanoMed was there to help. Simply put, they are a winning team.”

Adam V.


Ongoing support


Throughout your agreement with SanoMed Solutions, our multidisciplinary team is at your side to ensure the medical follow-up of your employees. The health of your employees involves the regular and effective monitoring of your staff. We develop a follow-up protocol tailored to the needs and means of each company.