Eva Chadnova, MD

Dr. Chadnova is a highly respected physician with over a decade of experience in medicine and research. She trained at St-Mary’s Hospital in Montréal as a family doctor. 

Throughout her residency, she received training at several plastic surgery and aesthetics clinics, and at clinics specializing in hormones, fertility and women’s health in both Canada and the United States. 

During the pandemic, she was deployed in emergency rooms, COVID wards, and intensive care units.

Medical Background

Dr. Chadnova also has a background in kinesiology and a Master’s degree in exercise science. She earned her PhD in neuroscience from McGill University. 

She has extensive teaching experience at the departments of Physiotherapy and Medicine at McGill, as well as at the department of Health and Life Sciences at Concordia.

A Passion for Personalized Healthcare

Dr. Chadnova believes in a holistic and personalized approach to healthcare, focusing on the whole person and their unique needs. Her passion for preventive and personalized medicine led her to join SanoMed Solutions’ team of dedicated professionals.

She speaks English, French, and Russian. She is currently accepting old and new patients.

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